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When you are arrested for a DUI, it can feel like your whole life is on hold. The laws against DUI and drunk driving are straightforward, however, that doesn’t mean your DUI will be. Too many Washington drivers assume that if they were drinking and drove they are automatically guilty and there is no point to hiring a lawyer or fighting the charges. The reality is, even if you were drinking, the prosecution has a responsibility to prove it. Having a lawyer on your side can help give you every opportunity to end your case with the best possible result.

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Choosing a DUI lawyer can be difficult, but make no mistake, not all lawyers are the same. I want you to be able to meet me in person before you decide if I’m the right person to help defend your future. That is why I offer a free initial consultation where we will discuss the following:

  • Court Procedures for a DUI Arrest and What to Expect
  • The Possible Penalties (including license suspension)
  • Effect of a DUI conviction on state licensing or certifications, travel to and from foreign countries, and immigration status
  • Costs of retaining this firm to defend your DUI charge
  • Possible defenses that apply to your specific situation
  • How we can minimize the effect the DUI charge has on your day to day life.

At Pacific Defender Law Group in Spokane, Washington, Our DUI lawyers have an extensive track record of fighting and winning DUI cases. Frequently, we are able to not only get DUI charges reduced, but in some cases we are able to get them dismissed entirely. A number of DUI defenses have proven successful in prior cases including arguing constitutional violations, challenging blood alcohol concentration measurements, and defending the case where the police officer never witnessed the operation of the vehicle.

One of the very first things that our drunk driving defense attorneys do for a case is obtain and thoroughly review the police reports, commonly referred to as discovery, for inconsistencies and lapses in procedure. For this process to be effective, it needs to start as soon as possible.

Time is NOT on Your Side

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With Pacific Defender Law Group, more than one attorney will review your case to ensure accuracy and the best possible quality of representation for your case. We also request complete disclosure regarding the device used to test your blood alcohol level, the personnel involved in the maintenance and operation of the device including their certifications, and the lab certification. These steps are imperative to engage in a full comprehensive evaluation of each individual case.

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