Theft From Employer or Organization

Theft from an Employer or Charitable Organization

Embezzlement Charges Defense Lawyer in Spokane Washington

If you have been arrested or are currently being investigated theft from your employer or a charitable organization, our lawyers can help. Theft from an employer is sometimes referred to as embezzlement; in Washington, there is not a specific statute covering embezzlement or employee theft, it is charged the same as theft. That means the amount of money that was taken will determine how severe the charges are.

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  • How to minimize the effects of this arrest on your life, reputation and future

Penalties for Theft Charges

In Washington there are three categories of theft;

  • First-degree theft – Value of over $5,000 or involving a gun or a vehicle of any value. First-degree theft is charged as a Class B felony.

  • Second-degree theft – Value of stolen goods between $750 - $5,000 is Second-degree theft and charged as a Class C felony.

  • Third-degree theft – Theft of property under $750 is a gross misdemeanor. However, the prosecutors may add different theft incident together to get to a higher total value.

Costs of a Theft Conviction

Beyond the possible time in jail and fines, there are many additional costs to having a theft charge, especially one involving theft that occurred when you were in a position of trust. Future employers will be very hesitant to hire someone who they know has stole from employers in the past. A theft conviction can also cause trouble with licensing agencies, rental agreements, scholarships and more.

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